2068 Banjhakri: The mythical past and the obscure future

What if the mythical past had a role to play in the obscure future?

2068 Banjhakri takes on this note, and expands on the notion by imagining a future unlike anything we know. To further raise the stakes, Dipayan, the author, recalls an ancient being long forgotten.

In a world where citizen privacy is a joke, and the idea of a nation state is long forgotten, we travel through familiar lands to find a mythical beast raking up tensions in a dark misty forest.

The author, Dipayan Chowdhury has the following to say about the challenges he faced writing the story:

Writing a good story is always a struggle, but writing a short story is even harder. With a short story, a writer is not allowed to expand too much on details, but to cover up the plot as soon as possible. How do you impact a reader with those few words? While writing “2068: Banjhakri”, I faced some roadblocks like this, but thankfully, I had help.

Firstly, I was not used to writing on a topic which I did not select. What’s more, I hardly knew anything about Banjhakri at the moment I was assigned the topic. Thankfully, the person in charge of me and my editor, Sheen, provided me with enough material to get a basic idea. From there I had to do more research, the process of which was almost as long as the writing itself.

Then comes the “Writer’s Block”, which any writer is quite familiar with. I had these moments where I just couldn’t think of a way to continue the story; moments when my creative juices stopped flowing. I’d approach Sheen at moments like these, and he’d prove to be a great help. We would discuss possible ways the story should move forward and that would give me enough ideas for the creative juices to start flowing again!

Finally, just as the story and the editing were finished, I found myself in the throes of a title dilemma. Thankfully, I could settle on the best one from the help of the TaccoMacco team, who also created a great cover art for the story.

The struggles were real, but the end product is more than worth it.

A part of our Remote Incubation Program, we are proud of Dipayan and how he dredged up this sensational take on the Banjhakri. We hope he continues creating incredible narratives as he did with 2068: Banjhakri.

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