Garuda: An Attack on False Morality

Garuda explores two simple questions:

What makes a man change his life for the better?

What makes a man change his life for the worse?

These questions form the crux of Gaurda.

Set in the bustling streets of Varanasi, Garuda introduces Constable Vikram Kandpal, a sixty-year-old man about to retire in three months.

A short synopsis of Garuda is given below:

Vikram is a broken man. He has no family, no ambition and no motivation. A police constable by profession, he is dying for his service at the station to end so that he can retire and live the rest of his life to drink himself to death. His life is suddenly thrown into a tailspin when a child is kidnapped, Combining the most devious and often ignored elements of our society, Garuda is a journey into the soul of a city itself, and how one man holds the key to saving it.

Written by Sheen Ben Philip, Garuda explores the darker elements of society, ones which operate outside the established system and despise the establishment with a passion.

As a society, we are moving towards a place where the gap between 'haves' and the 'have-nots' is widening and reaching two ends of a wide spectrum. In such a situation, a strange apathy grows in society, masked by a false moral compensation. To pull the veil on the moral ambivalence rises a force, a force designed by nature to bring a balance to society. Morality, if fragile, cannot stand such a force.

Garuda is based on this very malaise of nature and society. Developed as an in-house production by TaccoMacco, Garuda is an attempt by the company to develop fresh ideas and perspectives in a world where content is cluttered.

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