Good stories for Teenagers to start reading journey.

First of all i congratulate all people seeking this, reading as teenager is a good choice. Reading makes us Human and gives everyone a wider world perspective.

I understand reading a as teenager is also like exploring and what one likes is yet to set in. So will suggest some good reads based on your mood. I am mentioning just a few to act as a launch pad into exploring more in the direction.

Feeling fear about career and life ahead-

The Alchemist-(English) by Paulo Cohelo- Best book as it beautifuly and very few words tells you life is simple and happiness is around but you do need to do a journey and not be fearful. There is a grand plan for you. A beautiful novel. I bet you will read it once more when you cross teenage.

Kane and Abel-(English) by Jeffery Archer- It traces lives of two individuals coming from two different backgrounds from birth to death. Gives a complete picture of life how things turn out and how life is like a river to just keep flowing.

Godfather-(English) by Mario Puzo- Beautiful novel. Must read to understand that life ahead is never in black and white but shades of grey. Though a Story based on American Italian mafia but tells a lot about life. It’s a milestone novel in field of fiction.

Gaban-(Hindi) by Premchand. Brilliant novel and gives beautiful life sketch of dilema an average middle class Indian faces. A beautiful read to understand how simple desires make people take wrong turns in life.

Feeling bored and need some comedy and slice of life to charge you up-

Three men in a boat-(English) by Jerome K jerome. As the name suggests its just three friends bored of the usual life take a boat trip along the river and fun unfolds.

Gila- (Short Story)-(Hindi) by Premchand. Beautiful short story about relationship and love. Won’t tell more about it as it might become an spoiler.

Akhiri Heela-(Short Story)-(Hindi) by Premchand. Funny and beautiful language. Plot is interesting.

Bade Bhaisaab-(Short story) (hindi) by Premchand. You might end up saying hey that’s me.

Feeling bored and need some Detective stuff and some adrenaline to charge you up.

Sherlock Holmes-(Short Stories)-(English)- by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. You must be heard of Sherlock as movies and mind blowing TV series exist on it, but original reading is real pleasure. There are some 42 short stories.

Feluda-(Bengali/English) by Satyajeet Ray. Yes the Legendary Indian movie director. written originally in Bengali and there exists a series of novels. Truly Indian detective fantasy.

Byomkesh Bakshi-(Bengali/English/Hindi) by Sharadindu Bandhopadhay. very much like Sherlock Holmes but a truly and genuine Indian character and stories. Also gives into the social structure of the society in that era. A Tv series originally broadcasted on Doordarshan (India’s national Tv broadcaster) also exists in hindi.

Feeling need to go away from reality into a fictional universe. Yes this feeling comes when i know. Some times for various reasons we feel to be in a world unlike our world.

Lord of the Rings-(English) by J. R. R. Tolkien. Yes the world of Hobbits and magical mordor. Yes the famous movie series is based on it. Trust me a lot more is in there than the movie. A true adventure in unknown world.

Alice in Wonderland (English) by English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. A suggestion that keeps appearing everywhere i know and a lot of Tv material exists on this but indeed reading is best as it creates that magical land in your unique way and trust me thats truly magical.

Chandrakanta (Hindi) by Devaki Nandan Khatri. Don’t get carried away by the Hindi Tv series by the same name. They are nothing as compared to the novel and quality Literature the novel is. Read it, its truly Indian fantasy. A master piece.

If you love a lot of sci-fi movies or Tv series and always feel like living in a sci-fi world then you must read following sci-fi classics to know how all this sci-fi thing started from-

The Time Machine-(English) by H G Wells. One of the first to coin the concept of time travel and a kickstarter to inspire a lot of fiction, movies and tv series on this topic.

The Invisible Man-(English) by H G Wells. Probably the first one to deal invisibility as a scientific invention though in a fiction. Again a source of inspiration for a lot of Movies and other fictions

.Journey to the center of earth-(English) by Jules Verne. What if you some how find a route to go to the core of earth. Thats what this story is about.

Need to wander some Dystopian world, a world like our own but missing something that our ones have. Lets dive into these-

The Island of Doctor Moreau-(English) by H G Wells. You will find that a lot of movies you have seen seem to be inspired from it.

The Last Man-(English) by Marry Shelly. A lady of sci-fi and a pioneer in the genre. An end of the world scenario and a threat to mankind. Inspiration for many later Fiction work.

The Secret Agent- (English) by Joseph Conrad. Probably one of the first story about modern terrorism and anarchist activities.

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