MSG91: A Champion of Indian Startups

Every service employee at some point of time says something on these lines, 'I can't take it anymore. I will start my own company'

Most of these people then toy with the idea of starting their own business. They imagine setting up an office, hiring a talented workforce and building a company of their dreams.

They feel invincible imagining such prospects. It is a feeling they last felt when they were children. The world was their oyster then, and anything was possible.

Only a few of them end up chasing this feeling and all of them end up facing a mountain of problems. From hiring the right people to work in their nascent company to securing funding from the right investor, running a startup is no joke.

MSG91: The Cavalry

Many startups today are digital-based and have their respective apps on Apple and Android play stores. Most apps require authentication of users and the most popular method of authentication is OTP verification.

There are a number of companies offering such authentication services, and one of them is MSG91.

Our company TaccoMacco also needed such services. We soon found out about MSG91 and their special program for startups. As per their plan, startups would be provided up to 50k bulk SMS for six months for free. This free service covered OTPs and transactional SMSes.

As a startup, this was a huge boon for us. The cost of running authentication services usually weighs heavy on most modern up and coming companies. This plan from MSG91 solved many problems.

How did we integrate MSG91 API on our platform?

First, we created an account on MSG91. We soon received our own dashboard. To integrate MSG91 API onto our platform, they provided us a callback URL which acted as a virtual number. Whenever users would log onto our app and request mobile verification, the API would send a message back with an OTP. Once the OTP was verified, we would get a confirmation on both ends, the MSG91 panel and our own back end.

Our experience and recommendation

MSG91 assured us that nothing would go wrong from their side, and up till now they have stood by that assurance. We're pleased with their swift services and support. For all the startups out there, go get MSG91! They will take care of you.