TaccoMacco team culture that fuels the ecosystem.

The Culture at TaccoMacco is to built to constantly achieve the VALUES of TaccoMacco while taking inspiration from TaccoMacco Spirit animal “BIRDS”.

Reflecting the basic principles of birds flying in flock, the TaccoMacco team strives for cohesion, alignment and cooperation between individuals to bring about collective advancement.

Things TaccoMacco team gets inspired from the spirit animal -birds

  1. Be confident - Before a bird learns to fly it learns to trust oneself to take the leap of faith and hope for the current take her upward in flight. Lead yourself and guide others, come on spread your wings

  2. Its ok to fall- The bird who dares to fly is the bird who learns to fly

  3. Let Your Colors Shine- Birds are all of different colours and yet all of them find a unique place for themselves and have their own uniqueness to contribute to the flock. The bird never hides what makes it one -of -its kind.

  4. Be early and be daily- Find the daily motivation and be early on it. Make every day count. Find something of worth to show up early and then show up daily.

  5. Go with the season- Be fluid, be adaptive and be responsive to changing environment. Be confident on one’s ability to always find a branch to land on.

  6. Sing no matter what- ‘A Bird sings not because it has solution, but sings because it has a SONG’. What ever be the situation dont stop being enthusiastic and hopeful.

  7. Flock together - Birds must flock together for safety and substance. Keep family and friends close.