Taccomacco: What are we bringing?

The magic of stories is about to enchant the world!

The TaccaMacco app is now available on your very own mobile phone. Without much ado, let’s breakdown all the cool things we at TaccoMacco are delivering to you:

Handpicked : Only the Finest

We know times have been hard for all you story lovers. You have been looking for a place which can give you all the finest stories, a place where you’ll find only quality will always precede quantity.

TaccoMacco brings all these things to the table. From a heap of literary fiction, we handpick the finest stories from every genre and deliver them to you via our app. In a world where there is an abundance of everything, finding the right thing is often difficult. We are solving this problem for you.

Finest in Pocket Money

The current pricing of books has killed the market for great stories. Even someone who is open to reading has to first spend a chunk of money on a book which may or may not meet expectations. If you are asked to spend three hundred bucks on something which doesn't guarantee enjoyment, why would you spend the money?

TaccoMacco changes the game here. We are delivering stories to you at an unbelievable price, money you won’t even notice missing otherwise. We believe that great stories should be available to all, irrespective of their pocket size.

Read in Packets, Pay in Packets

Say you start reading on our TaccoMacco app. You select a book, pay just Rs-1 for the first chapter and start reading. You get 6 hours to read the chapter. Don’t like the book, no problem. Since you only had to pay for the first chapter and not the whole book, you can conveniently leave and try another story.

We believe in providing our users with the ultimate convenience. You will never be forced to pay for a whole book without having any prior notion about its quality. Pay a small amount for chapter, read a chapter in a limited time. If it’s fun, great! But if it’s not, just put it aside and check out another story. With Time-Share Reading we don't sell the stories (Yes! aren't they priceless), we charge you for the time we shared it with you.

Bye Bye to Old and Pirated, Get Fresh

Some book lovers, tired of the expensive pricing of stories end up buying pirated or second hand books. Some even go to the extent of downloading pirated ebooks online. There are two takeaways here. First, people are still desperate to read great books. Second, the pricing of the books is too damn high.

With TaccoMacco, you can eliminate the middleman. If you like a book, Time-share a chapter directly from the writer at at just one TM Coin (Rs-1). Soon, there will be no need to run around traffic signals and street hawkers to buy pirated books, or shuttling between torrent sites to download an ebook. Just open your TaccoMacco app, rent a chapter directly from the creator and enjoy.

Ease of Discovery

TaccoMacco’s key idea is the bring a paradigm shift in the experience of reading a book on a platform. Through our paradigm-altering algorithm, you will always find something new to read suited to your tastes.

On the TaccoMacco app, you will be able to uncover hidden gems you wouldn’t have known otherwise. As we mentioned before, handpicked from the crowd, delivering only and only quality stories.


Bored at your office and want to read stories? You might get caught by your boss if you open a book and start reading. TaccoMacco is at the rescue, again.

Now plug on your earphones and listen to the story you can’t read.