Ten Short Stories in Hindi from Premchand

Premchand, in many ways, was a genius. His style of writing is still considered fresh and bold, the kind which comes along once every century.

If you have never read a Hindi short story from Premchand, we have compiled a list of ten you should look over.

10. Lanchan

Jugnu is an old lady notorious for shaming women living in the Mahila Ashram. Everyone in the ashram is scared of her sharp tongue. One day when Miss Khurshid visits the ashram, she decides to teach the old lady a lesson.

A fall from grace comes always

9. Nasha

Two college students, one rich and the other poor, go to the former’s house for Dussehra holidays. The comforts and hospitality at the rich student’s home stun the student from the poor family.

Rich and poor, the oldest classes of the world

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8. Algyojha

The is a realistic take on a typical Indian family which slowly gets divided through internal politics. Showing his penchant for telling stories in a brusque but true manner, Premchand sheds light on the darker side of familial issues.

A divided house falls, always.

7. Gulli Dand

An engineer returns to the village where he used to play gulli-danda as a child. There he meets a friend who used to be the best player in the neighborhood and asks him if he would still be open for a game. The friend hesitates, but agrees. The engineer soon discovers that with age, his friend’s skills have waned.

Time lashes like a silent assassin

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6. Ghar Jamai

Humiliation comes first, realization next…

A man frustrated with his in-laws with whom he has been staying for the past ten years decides to make a choice.

A short story in Hindi, Ghar Jamai tale explores several themes of a typical Indian household, with Premchand’s penchant to combine drama with comedy on full display.

5. Jyothi

Mohan and his mother Booti are always fighting over one thing or another. When Mohan tells his mother Booti that he wishes to marry Rupa, her anger knows no end. However as events unfold, Booti’s mind changes about Rupa.

Abandon fear, and you will find space to breathe.

4. Kayar

Two lovers, who are polar opposites in terms of ideology and values, fall in love. However, the girl is reluctant to commit as she believes her family won’t approve of the match.

Love is not arithmetic….

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3. Bade Bhaisahab

‘Bade Bhaisahab explores the dynamics of a relationship between an elder brother and his sibling. When the younger one performs well in his class exams while the elder one fails, the power structure of their relationship begins to change.

The most painful wound evokes the most silent cries.

2. Gila

A wife, frustrated by her husband’s fool hardiness and naivety, narrates a series of events where he behaves in an utterly foolish manner in her eyes.

Naivety and love, a line drawn by lovers and fools.

1. Poos ki Raat

Halku is tired of sleeping out in the cold to protect the harvest from animals in the night. To give him company, his pet dog Jabru also sleeps with him. On one shivering cold night, his fortunes take a turn.

Duty is heavier than a mountain

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So these were the short stories in Hindi written by Premchand. Did we miss some? Tell us in the comments…
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