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Good stories can change lives. Great stories can change the world.

Some of you might think that this is a stretch, but hang on. In the mid-twentieth century, the world saw the evils of a regime which blatantly embraced authoritarianism. So a guy called George Orwell wrote a book about a dystopian world in the future which had accepted authoritarianism as the norm. The book has since been cited to keep people on their toes when it comes to electing governments. That book was 1984, and it changed the world forever.

The best stories have immense power, and they need to be read and shared, but how will you read them if they are buried in an avalanche of mediocrity?

We live in an age ruled by quantity. There is already enough of everything. From clothes and shoes to movies and books. Yes, even books.

There are bad stories, there are good stories, and then there are great stories. The ones which survive the test of time, the ones which inspire, the ones which stay with you forever, they are the great stories. They are out there. All you have to do is to go outside and buy them. Easy, right?

Imagine you walk into a bookstore. The nice store manager has arranged the books neatly in polished wooden racks. Usually, the books are divided into different sections of the store on the basis of genre and popularity. For this reason, Harry Potter will probably be the first book you see when you enter the store. But what about the others? What about 1984, one of the marvels of English literature? It will probably be at the far end of the store, far away from your sight.

TaccoMacco gets you good ones not just best-sellers

You probably would have liked 1984. It might have changed your life. It might have made you a better person, but you never saw it when you walked into the bookstore. So you didn’t read it. Your life never changed, and you remained the same person.

The part missing here is curation. The bookstore caters to all book readers. The books in the store are not catered to your interests. The bookstore manager does not care whether you like romantic novels, or you hate spy fiction. The experience of choosing a book is not personalised.

We know the power of great stories and we want you to experience the same power. There is a notion in the mainstream that reading isn’t fun. That is partially true. Reading bad stories isn’t fun, but the great stories never make for a dull moment.

This is where we come in. We handpick the best stories, the ones which have been celebrated by multiple generations and bring them straight to your mobile device. There is never a compromise on quality. And the best part- the entire experience will be catered to your interests.

Except for this time, you don’t need to walk into a bookstore and hope that a story will change your life.

This time, just pick up the phone, and start reading!