The Night King. The Hero we deserved. The Hero we lost.

I think we all misunderstood the Night King.

We all fell into the trap. His icy calmness scared us, made us think he will kill our beloved characters. His blue eyes and radiant smirk chilled our bones, made our skin crawl. Such was the terror of the great man. The great Night King.

But was he SO bad?

Think about it? He resurrected the poor people who died North of the Wall. He gave them a purpose, a reason to live. Created jobs for otherwise unskilled people. Hell, he even allowed a dragon to join his army. Think about how inclusive and accepting our Night King.

What did the Night King want? The poor guy was tired of living alone North of the Wall, in the harsh biting cold. He just wanted to break the walls and unite the Seven Kingdoms, something your favorite characters have been unable to do.

He just wanted to be friends with Bran. And Bran just kept running away. All he wanted was love. And all got was a stab in the belly near his favorite tree in front of all his friends.

The plan of the Night King was simple. Once he killed Jon Snow and the other people (Sansa, Tyrion, all your other favorites), he would have raised them from the dead. See! He didn't want to kill anyone permanently. He just wanted people to join his great army and become friends.

Imagine how beautiful Dany would look in blue eyes? Now, we would never get to see that. If Jon Snow and his people had just sat down and talked to the Great Night King, maybe he would have helped them defeat Cersei! We all know how benevolent and kind our ice king is. But no, the people of Winterfell know only war. So they attacked him.

Think about it. The Night King didn't attack first. The Dothraki went charging at him, attacking his people. Imagine how scared our Night King must have been, seeing a horde of riders with flaming swords attacking his poor unarmed people. He just came to talk, but the violent people of Daenerys and Jon Snow attack him first. The poor guy, he had no choice but to fight them.

In conclusion, we lost a great man this Monday. A man who raised the dead, gave them a purpose, a job, a man who just wanted to be friends with a crippled boy, a man who wanted to unite Westeros.

Consider this his eulogy.

Sheen Ben Philip is an editor at TaccoMacco. The opinions expressed in this article are his own.