From Writer to Author. The TaccoMacco Incubation Program

“Sometimes reality is too complex. Stories give it form." -- Jean Luc Godard

At TaccoMacco, we know the power of stories; their ability to influence, entertain and make someone think. However, in order for stories to unleash their potential, there is a need for writers to understand the craft of storytelling.

As a nation, we are blessed with a rising number of young men and women (young at heart) who are discovering their flair and talent in writing. In order for this constituency of artists to flourish, there is an obvious need for mentorship.

At TaccoMacco, we are trying to fulfill this obvious need through our Incubation Program.

The TaccoMacco Incubation Program

The goal of the TaccoMacco Incubation Program is to bring forth the next generation of influential writers, poets and artists. For the sake of convenience, we have divided this program in two categories.

Remote Incubation Program

The Remote Incubation Program allows writers from anywhere in India to work for TaccoMacco as an incubee (a person part of an incubation program).

During the course of this program, the incubee will write two short stories over the period of two months under the guidance of our editorial team. The program is divided into several stages so that incubees gradually learn the art of storytelling and incorporate the concepts learned into their own writing.

The two stories written by the incubee over the course of two months will be published on the TaccoMacco app under the name of the incubee. The incubee will also receive a certificate at the end of the program.

The best part of this program is the constant availability and guidance of the editorial team. Writers know full well the value of honest feedback and as a company, we strive to bring such value to next batch of authors of India.

In-House Incubation Program

As the name suggests, the In-House Incubation Program will take place at our own office, under the constant supervision of our editorial team.

Incubees hired through the In-House program will undergo a much more intensive training on storytelling. Like the remote program, the in-house program will also be divided into multiple stages, and incubees will be taught about all the tools and weapons a writer has to use and wield to develop the next best story.

The in-house program will also be two months long, and incubees are expected to churn out nine short stories and a novella at the end. Not all nine short stories will be published, as the key aim is to sharpen incubees by making them write their way to becoming good authors.

In-house incubees will receive stipends and a certificate at the end of the program. Not only will incubees learn how to write, but also the general working of a publishing company and the editorial work which happens behind the scenes.

How to apply?

Currently, we are looking only for writers.

To apply for our incubation program, mail us your resume and a writing sample at

Don’t worry. We won’t take two months to reply! You can expect a reply soon.