Values that guide TaccoMacco

TaccoMacco as a brand and as a team uphold these values. These are values which form the underlying current in all our endeavours.

Mother First

Mother, be it Nature, motherland, birth giver or anything/anyone which has sparked innovation and progress needs to be first priority to us.

All our endeavours or implications of it, shall explicitly or implicitly portray the Nation, and the Nature in positive light. All cultural, scientific or philosophical contributions of any individual, class, sect, group or institution which has acted as cradle for positive development of the Humanity as such be of first priority, a factor to highlight and a matter of respect and proper credit in our endeavours.

Enthusiasm & Optimism

Creativity in expression, Diversity in Content, Quality in Delivery, Collaboration and Innovation in process, for the Nourishment of Mind, by propagating Enthusiasm and Optimism through Stories, regardless of the individual identity of the audience.


To Be Happy, Stay Inspired and Feel Blessed is a continuous endeavour of all our pursuits for us and the audience. Life Thus is a Celebration and both our end product and process must celebrate it.