Writers and Creator: A Call for Action

The first moment, when you have an idea for something great, something you can’t wait to write or create.

The first moment is always the best one. And after that, it all goes to hell.

Varying plotlines, changing characters arcs, and the god-awful feeling when a friend tells you that the story is not working. A story you spent months writing and perfecting. Yes, being a creator is not easy. For writers and illustrators, it is a long slog, often unforgiving and only seldom as rewarding as they initially assume it to be.

Unfortunately, these problems exist for a critical reason. Every writer or artist has to go through this struggle, uncompromisingly.

We at TaccoMacco know about your struggle, and we wish to ease the load. Here are a few things we are offering our creators.

An Exclusive Community

At TaccoMacco, we onboard the best authors and artists to write and create stories on our platform. As a writer in our community, you will belong to one of the most talented and upcoming bunch of creators in India.

You create, leave the rest to us

Writing a book or illustrating the perfect story is one of the horrible jobs in the world. No one would be a creator if they were not driven by an insane desire to produce something truly magical.

We want you to relax, create your story and leave the rest to us. Promotions, editorial services, marketing and everything else that writers have to worry about these days, you wouldn't need to on our platform. We will cover those areas for you.

Best of Publishing and Self-publishing

Publishing gives you the chance to get your story published. And that’s that. You get no power over your creation from that point onwards. Everything gets decided by the publishers. Self-publishing gives you the chance to take back control of your creation, but it leaves you with a lot of work to do besides writing.

We want to bring together the benefits of both publishing and self-publishing. As a creator on our platform, you will get to publish your story and still keep a majority of its rights. Furthermore, you won’t have to boggle your mind over anything besides writing and creating.

A Mass Reach and Audience Connect

Through our platform, you will be able to present your work to a mass audience. Like every genius needs an audience, writers need readers to read their work. Furthermore, you will be able to interact directly with your audience, addressing some of their theories or even appreciating the feedback they are providing.

Recognition for good work is something every artist and writer seek. We at TaccoMacco wish the same and have thus established a direct line between your audience and you.

Publish as you write. Get analytics

Sometimes you have a big idea and you get down to writing it. It takes a long time, months, till you have the first draft. You share it with your friends, colleagues, and editors to get a response. Against all your hopes, the response is bad. The story is simply not working.

All those months seem like a pile of wasted time now.

At TaccoMacco, you won’t have this problem. You are free to release sample chapters of your big idea. If the audience response is good, you know you’re on the right track. If the case is otherwise, you will now know the problem in your story. This way, you won’t lose months of precious time in something which may not end up working later.

Additionally, you can track the reading analytics of every work you publish. This will help you identify where your audience is loving your story and where they’re drifting away.

Kill Piracy, Direct Royalty

As writers and creators, you know the manner in which piracy kills upcoming artists day in day out. Its cuts away money which belongs to you and habituates avid readers into accepting a form of stealing as normal.

Through our platform and your creations, we wish to end the piracy game once and for all. As the creator of your work, you will be given the power to share your creation directly with readers and earn direct royalties on each chapter shared.

Non-Exclusive Rights

TaccoMacco will claim only the digital rights to your story. Nothing more. You will be free to take your story to a publisher for printing, or any other medium where you think your story can be adapted.

We will never stand in your way. We want you to succeed, now and always.